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Bio-Harmonizer Pendants

Bio-Harmonizer pendants play an important role in harmonizing cellular vitality and
improving wellness. Wearing the Bio-Harmonizer just below the neckline near the thymus gland helps bring the body’s vital force into harmony, while revitalizing the immune system and stimulating major acupuncture points.

These jewelry-like pendants are available on a necklace, and are designed to emit subtle energy patterns that interact with the body’s energy handling system, to restore and maintain vitality. They are designed to constantly emit specific revitalizing energy formulas to strengthen the body against negative effects of environmental factors including electromagnetic fields (EMF) that contribute to stress, overload and

Design Options: Cross or Triangle

The elegant Bio-Harmonizer pendants are available in two distinct designs – the cross pendant and the
triangle pendant. Both are encoded with the same revitalizing energy formulas we program into all our
products using our state-of-the-art revitalizing technology.


The Bio-Harmonizer is programmed with thousands of vibrational formulas that have an amazing effect
on the vitality of the human body. Once programmed, the Bio-Harmonizer will continually emit gentle
stress reducing revitalizing bio-signatures associated to love, prosperity, long life, wellness and good
health. These revitalizing bio-signatures seamlessly interact with the body’s energy pathways to
simulate the body’s healing response and process.

Easy to Use

The Bio-Harmonizer Pendants are sold with a chain. The length of the chain should allow the
Bio-Harmonizer to hang about 1’ – 1 ½” below the sternal notch at the bottom of the neck line.
Simply cut the chain with a pair of scissors once proper length is established. The new length can
then be used for measuring when you are ready to replace it with a more suitable necklace of your liking.

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