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Bio-Resonator Medallions

Bio-Resonators medallions are the signature pieces of our collection. Bio-Resonator medallions can be used anywhere on the body to stimulate strength, wellness and vitality, reduce or eliminate pain, balance posture, relieve allergy symptoms, and enhance performance. Bio-Resonators can be custom programmed for any individual to support specific needs for a large variety of health challenges. These products can even transfer their pre-programmed energy formulas into other substances, which may enhance healing potential.

Design Options: Cross or Triangle

Our Bio-Resonator Medallions are available in two distinctive designs, the Bio-Resonator Cross Medallion and Bio- Resonator Triangle Medallion. Both medallions are encoded with the same revitalizing energy formulas we program into all our products, using exclusive state of the art revitalizing technology. These 39mm Resonators are about the same size as a silver dollar.

The larger design makes them more practical for dealing with aches and pains, sore muscles and specific anatomical point balancing. Each Cross or Triangle design can be used singularly or combined one with another to achieve greater variety of healing possibilities.​


These coin-like medallions are programmed with thousands of vibrational formulas that have an amazing effect on the vitality of the human body. The revitalizing bio-signatures emitted from the Bio-Resonators seamlessly interact with the body’s energy pathways to simulate the body’s healing response and process. The resonating vibrations are like little energy formulas that the body uses to counter the effects of stress. The body innately uses these resonate bio-signatures to balance and restore important ionic relationships necessary for cells to function at their greatest potential. Improved cellular activity increases vitality and enhances the body’s natural healing ability.

Easy to Use

Bio-Resonators are commonly placed on specific areas of pain or other determined sites on the body. Medallions can conveniently be carried around in a pocket, sock, wristband, headband, knee or ankle brace, or taped to a particular area. Place them on acupuncture points, EAV energy points, chakras, trigger points, joints, or organs to revitalize cellular function and performance. They can also be placed under food items, herbs, vitamins, beverages, plants, seeds, or pet food to revitalize these substances.

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