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How to Order

To ensure accuracy of your vials, we ask that all orders be emailed to us at   Please include the name of the practitioner, shipping address, and phone number with each order.


Vials being requested need to be typed, one per line, in the body of the email (example below).  Please do not use tables, bullet points, numbers, or send as an attachment.  Include the total number of vials and/or kits you are ordering. 


Example of a vial order: 


Jane Smith, LAc

1234 Spring Rd

Seattle, WA  12345



Omicron EG.5


Heartland Virus

Uncinaria Round Worm

Strongyloides Stercoralis Tapeworm




Total number of vials = 8


If you'd like to order mix vials, please list them as follows:


Dairy Mix - containing: cow milk, goat milk, cheddar cheese

Tree Mix - containing: Oak, Aspen, Cedar, Elm

Total number of vials = 2


Example of a kit order:


Jane Smith, LAc

1234 Spring Rd

Seattle, WA  12345



Environmental 4 Kit

Organs/Glands Kit

Spike Protein Mutations Kit

Total number of kits = 3


When ordering unimprinted vials, please specify if you would like those with or without water. 

Once your order is processed, an invoice will be emailed to you.  At the bottom of the invoice is a blue button that will take you to a secure payment window.  There is a PDF attachment to the invoice that shows a breakdown of your order.  Please review to make sure it is correct and that we have your shipping information correct.

NOTE:  Once an order has been invoiced, we cannot add items to the order.



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